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ai trading for stocks
AI Trading For Stocks Mechanisms and Merits
The world of artificial intelligence encompasses much more than the generally known, popular applications...
synthetic indices
7 Synthetic Indices Traits That Can Boost Your Trading Results
Synthetic indices have become a revolutionary asset class in the trading world, providing a novel and...
Trading Synthetic Indices
10 Powerful Tips For Trading Synthetic Indices
Embarking on the path of synthetic indices trading is a venture filled with great potential and challenges....
Synthetic indices
Exploring The Types of Synthetic Indices
In the dynamic and ever-shifting landscape of online trading, the advent of synthetic indices stands...
Synthetic indices
What Are Synthetic Indices? A Guide For Beginners
In the dynamically evolving realm of financial trading, the phrase “Types of Synthetic Indices”...
3 Unexplored Metrics To Add to Your Trading Journal
A forex journal serves as a guiding compass in a trader’s journey, offering a detailed chronicle...
supply and demand forex
Supply and Demand Forex: A Comprehensive Guide
Supply and demand are foundational concepts that drive price fluctuations across various markets. In...
Bollinger bands trading strategy
Trading with Bollinger Bands: A Look into the Bollinger Bands Trading Strategies
The majority of forex traders rely on an array of technical indicators and tools to enhance their trading...
what is an order block in forex
What is an Order Block in Forex Trading? How to Identify These Blocks?
It’s a well-known fact that central banks and large financial institutions occasionally intervene in...
prop trading
A Complete Guide to The Top 4 Proprietary Trading Firms
Proprietary trading is one of the most ideal ways for skilled, but short-funded, traders to acquire substantial...
Elliot wave
What Is Elliot Wave Theory? A Comprehensive Overview
Source: Shutterstock Serving as the cornerstone of technical analysis, Elliot waves have become nothing...
Stop loss
Forex Trading 101: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Stop Loss
Source: Shutterstock Being a crucial weapon in the arsenal of risk management, “stop loss”...
copy trading
A Guide To Forex Copy Trading: Benefits And Risks
Source: Shutterstock The forex trading space has undergone significant expansion over the years and...
forex trading
How to Start Forex Trading? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners
Source: Shutterstock Over the past few years, forex trading has significantly exploded in popularity...
Forex myths
6 Myths About Forex Trading You Should Know About
Source: Shutterstock When something is as monumental as the forex market, it is bound to have some...
continuation trading pattern
Top Continuation Trading Patterns Every Trader Must Know
Source: Shutterstock While a large number of tools, indicators, and advanced trading algorithms or...
trading strategies
Top 5 Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners
Forex Trading Strategies Considering the extent of competition in the forex trading space, traders...
abcd pattern
harmonic patterns
What Are Harmonic Patterns In Trading? A Guide To 4 Major Patterns
Harmonic patterns come under the ambit of technical analysis and help traders predict future price directions...
option trading
What is Options Trading? How Does Options Trading Work?
Options are a leading financial derivate in the investment world thanks to the flexibility they provide....
what is leverage in trading
What Is Leverage in Trading? A Complete Guide
Even if you are not affiliated with the financial world or have never traded before, you still must have...
Swing trading strategies
Swing Trading- 3 Top Swing Trading Strategies
Are you a trader who gets stressed by constantly watching price charts? Or do you wish to trade but have...
Scalping trading
Scalping Trading - 3 Best Scalping Trading Strategy
Financial market players adopt various trading styles and strategies that match best with their disposition...
Moving average
What is Moving Average? Top 4 Moving Average Methods for Successful Trading
Amid the turbulent and dynamic financial markets, traders adopt a variety of analytical strategies or...
8 Best Trading Books for Beginner & Advanced Traders
Financial markets are notorious for their ruthlessness towards traders who delve into them with a non-serious...
5 Best Strategies in Intraday Trading
Intraday trading refers to a trading style where traders open and close their positions within a day,...
Price action trading
What Is Price Action Trading: The Ultimate Price Action Trading Guide
Foreign exchange trading has become a leading sensation among global financial enthusiasts who aim to...
Best Forex Chart Patterns
10 Best Forex Chart Patterns Every Trader Must Know
As per technical analysis, price moves in repeatable patterns and all the necessary information is incorporated...
What is Forex Trading and How Does it Work
What is Forex Trading and How Does it Work? - 5 Easy to Follow Steps
The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid platform incorporating the trading activity...



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