Unlocking Financial Empowerment: Robert Kiyosaki's Resilience-Powered Wealth Insights
In a thought-provoking message to start the week, renowned financial expert and author of the best-selling...
Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao File Court Motion to Dismiss SEC Lawsuit
Binance and its American counterpart Binance.US and CEO Changpeng Zhao have collaboratively lodged a...
Hut 8's Merger with US Bitcoin (USBTC) Receives Supreme Court Clearance, Paving the Way for 'New Hut' and Enhanced Bitcoin Mining Capacity"
Hut 8, the well-known Canadian Bitcoin mining firm, has received the green light from the Supreme Court...
OneCoin Co-Founder Karl Sebastian Greenwood Receives 20-Year Prison Sentence and $300 Million Fine
Karl Sebastian Greenwood, a co-founder of the infamous OneCoin cryptocurrency scam, has been sentenced...
Zodia Custody
Standard Chartered's Zodia Custody Expands to Singapore, Eyes Future Regulation
Zodia Custody, a banking giant Standard Chartered subsidiary, has officially launched its cryptocurrency...
London Stock Exchange Group Explores Blockchain for Trading
In a bid to harness the potential of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrency, the London Stock Exchange...
Bankrupt Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX Adjusts Settlement Motion Following U.S. Trustee's Objection
In a recent court filing on Sunday, creditors of the insolvent cryptocurrency exchange FTX have taken...
Cryptocurrency Traders Hit with $1 Billion in Losses as Digital Markets Witness Severe Sell-Off
In a turbulent turn of events, cryptocurrency traders faced staggering losses amounting to a staggering...
Single-Currency Stablecoin
Singapore's Monetary Authority Strengthens Stability of Single-Currency Stablecoins with New Regulatory Framework
In a move aimed at enhancing the stability of single-currency stablecoins, Singapore’s central...
The Mysterious $3 Billion Rise of TrueUSD in the Crypto World
Imagine a world where digital money mysteriously doubles in value. This is the story of TrueUSD, a special...
Crypto World Buzzing: 12 Ethereum ETF Applications Poised for SEC Approval
In recent times, the crypto world has witnessed a notable trend as 12 applications for Ethereum futures...
Binance Launches Dedicated Crypto Platform for Japanese Market
In a significant development, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has introduced a specialized...
Bitcoin Analyst Peter Brandt Challenges Conventional Perspectives on Bitcoin ETF and Halving
Renowned trader and market analyst Peter Brandt has recently shared his unconventional views on two crucial...
Italian Central Bank Empowers Financial Innovation: Commences DeFi Ecosystem Development
The Bank of Italy’s Milano Hub innovation center has thrown its weight behind an exciting new project,...
What is a Crypto Decentralized Exchange (DEX)? How Do These Exchanges Work?
Source: Shutterstock Although crypto centralized exchanges (CEXs) have been dominating the crypto horizon...
crypto scam
Coinbase Warns Users About the New Pig Butchering Crypto Scams
Coinbase, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies across the globe, has beefed up actions to protect...
What Is Next After Cryptocurrency?
2021 was a monumental year for digital currencies when total crypto market capitalization jumped from...
Bitcoin with chains
Taiwan Cracks Down on Crypto Activities, Stops Crypto Transactions Using Credit Cards
Taiwan’s financial regular is moving to curb crypto activities in the country as it recently asked banks...
Celsius logo on mobile screen
Celsius Provides Settlement Options to Investors
As Celsius continues exploring options out of its current financial predicament, the embattled crypto...
crypto bear on red background
5 Best Ways to Survive in Crypto Bear Market
Crypto bear The cryptocurrency market is currently in a turbulent phase, with prices plummeting and...
Ethereum coin on a blue background
Everything You Need To Know About Ethereum 2.0
The upcoming Ethereum upgrade is all the rage nowadays. Tim Beiko, the community manager at Ethereum...
Crypto market falls, BOE
BOE Calls for Stricter Regulations as Crypto Market Valuation Plummets Further
The Bank of England has expressed worries over the continued sell-off in the crypto space, which has...
Celcius, crypto news, cryptocurrency
Crypto Lending Giant, Celsius Lays Off 150 Employees
It’s been a difficult couple of weeks for American-Israeli crypto lending giant Celsius, following...
Bentley University Will Now Accept Cryptocurrency for Tuition Payments
Bentley University Will Now Accept Cryptocurrency for Tuition Payments
Bentley University is now accepting cryptocurrency for tuition payments. It, therefore, became the first...
Ukrainians Not Allowed to Buy Crypto Abroad from Local Currency Accounts
Ukrainians Not Allowed to Buy Crypto Abroad from Local Currency Accounts
The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) issued a notice on April 20 about imposing specific rules, regulations...
Cryptocurrency Market Cap Shrinks
Cryptocurrency Market Cap Shrinks to $1.80 Trillion; Bitcoin Hits its Lowest of April
Crypto markets appears to be on a realignment spree. The global cryptocurrency market cap decreased by...
Mozilla deters from accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as cryptocurrency donations
Mozilla Deters From Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as Cryptocurrency Donations
The parent of the Firefox internet browser, Mozilla, in efforts to streamline energy consumption, will...
Regulatory Drama Forces Coinbase to Halt Operations in Three Days of its India Launch
Regulatory Drama Forces Coinbase to Halt Operations in Three Days of its India Launch
US-based crypto trading firm, Coinbase, has temporarily shut down the option to buy cryptocurrencies...
SEC wishes to register and regulate crypto trading and lending platforms in the US
SEC Wishes to Register and Regulate Crypto Trading and Lending Platforms in the US
The US Securities and Exchange Commission argues that cryptocurrency trading and lending must be registered...
Britain plans to regulate cryptocurrency amid the global efforts
Britain Plans to Regulate Cryptocurrency Amid the Global Efforts
The U.K. has unveiled the plans to regulate some cryptocurrencies as a part of a broader plan to become...



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