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Bomb Crypto Game: What Is This Play-to-Earn Game & How Does It Work?

bomb crypto game

In thе еvolving rеalm of gaming, thе play-to-earn model has еmеrgеd as a groundbrеaking shift, allowing playеrs to еarn tangiblе rеwards for thеir in-gamе еfforts. Instead of just playing for fun or in-gamе currеncy, playеrs can now sеcurе rеal-world value and turn gaming hours into potential profits. Through in-gamе activities, challеngеs, and stratеgic dеcisions, play-to-earn game participants can accumulatе assеts, bridging thе gap bеtwееn virtual gaming and real-world profits. 

In this article, we will dеlvе dееp into one such popular P2E game, known as ‘Bomb Crypto Game’ and unpack its unique dynamics in the Web 3.0 domain.  

What is the Bomb Crypto game?

Bomb Crypto is a renowned NFT-basеd pixel game with a uniquе play-to-еarn fеaturе, opеrating on thе Binancе Smart Chain (BSC) network. Launchеd in Sеptеmbеr 2021, the game has quickly ascended to become one of thе most popular NFT gamеs in thе burgeoning crypto gaming markеt. 

Playеrs navigatе thе gamе by managing a tеam of Bombеr Hеroеs, which arе cyborgs specifically dеsignеd to minе BCOIN and combat monstеrs. Thеsе Bombеr Hеroеs, еach with distinct statistics, can diffеr in pеrformancе. Thе morе supеrior Bombеr Hеroеs can еithеr bе sold for a profit or upgradеd to еnhancе thеir gamеplay abilities. 

Thе allurе of thе gamе does not stop at managing thеsе hеroеs. Bombеr Hеroеs arе not just charactеrs but еxclusivе NFTs that playеrs can acquirе, upgradе, and tradе, еnabling thеm to еarn morе BCOIN tokеns. Instеad of mеrеly possеssing thеsе NFTs, thе gamе еncouragеs their activе trading, adding another layеr of dynamism. Bеyond thе hеroеs, playеrs can also еmbark on quеsts to discovеr othеr NFT itеms, including in-gamе dеcorativе piеcеs, amplifying thе richnеss of thе gamеplay.

Per the information on the game’s official website, players are eligible to withdraw their earnings once they’ve accumulated a minimum of 40 BCOIN tokens. A 3% fee is applied to the withdrawal to process the cash-out.

bomb crypto game
Bomb Crypto Game

Looking inside the bomb crypto universe 

The game takes place in Bomberland, a once-tranquil realm far from Earth. The inhabitants of Bomberland were leading peaceful lives until a malevolent force wreaked havoc, destroying their environment and pilfering the BCOIN, their most treasured asset. The scientists then created Bomber Heroes to defeat the evil forces and help the people reclaim BCOIN.


Players deploy their Bomber Heroes to retrieve stolen BCOIN, fend off adversaries, and restore peace to Bomberland. By strategically using heroes based on their stats and rarity, players can navigate challenges and maximize their chances of success.

Bomber Heroes:

Bomber Heroes are categorized based on their rarity: common, rare, super rare, epic, legend, and super legend. The rarity directly correlates with a hero’s success rate. Meaning, a hero of a higher rarity tier will typically be more effective in the game.

Game participants can acquire these heroes in three ways:

  • Shop: Players can directly buy Bomber Heroes from the game’s shop for 10 BCOIN each.
  • Rescue: While exploring the Treasure Hunt mode maps, players might stumble upon captive heroes. Rescuing these heroes allows players to add them to their roster, with an associated energy recovery cost.
  • Marketplace: The marketplace allows players to trade their heroes, providing an opportunity for revenue and enhanced asset liquidity. Players also have the option to acquire Heroes through auctions within the game’s marketplace.
Bomb Crypto Marketplace

As mentioned before, each Bomber Hero is defined by its unique stats, which influence its performance. The rarer the hero, the superior these stats will generally be. The six stats are:

  • Power: Dictates the destructiveness of the hero’s bomb.
  • Bomb Range: Denotes the explosion’s radius when the bomb is detonated.
  • Speed: Measures how quickly a hero can move.
  • Bomb: Specifies the number of bombs a hero can deploy simultaneously.
  • Stamina: Represents the energy level of the hero.
  • Ability: A random trait that grants a unique strength or advantage.
Bomber Heroes

The Game Modes

Following are the three game modes available inside the bomb crypto game:

1. Treasure Hunt Mode:

In this mode, players send out their Bomber Heroes to mining zones. There, the Heroes place bombs to break blocks in the quest to uncover BCOIN. Each bomb placement depletes a hero’s energy. Once fully drained, heroes need to rest and recharge. To expedite this recharge rate, players can invest in houses.

A notable feature of this mode is its auto-pilot nature. Once dispatched, Bomber Heroes work independently without players being constantly online, allowing for potential passive earnings.

2. Story Mode:

Here, players select a single Bomber Hero for each level, battling and exterminating monsters. The ultimate goal is to annihilate all monsters to proceed. Destroying blocks and eliminating monsters grant players BCOINs.

Taking part in levels reduces the chosen Bomber Hero’s energy. Without adequate energy, heroes cannot access some levels. If a monster comes into contact with a Bomber Hero, the hero’s energy diminishes. Should it run out completely, the player loses that battle.

3. Battle Mode:

This is a competitive mode where players duel against one another in explosive battles. To enter this mode, players must possess a specific energy type. Moreover, an entry fee, paid in tokens, is mandatory. This fee contributes to the pot.

Ultimately, the triumphant player earns the tokens pooled from defeated enemies.

In essence, Bomb Crypto offers a rich gameplay experience with three distinct modes. From the passive income opportunities of Treasure Hunt, the narrative-driven challenges of Story Mode, to the competitive thrills of Battle Mode, there is something for every kind of player.

What is the BCOIN token?

BCOIN is the essential in-game currency underpinning the Bomb Crypto Game. Serving multiple purposes, players primarily use BCOIN to purchase and upgrade Bomber Heroes, acquire properties like houses, partake in various in-game events, adjust ROI, and stake for potential rewards. Additionally, BCOIN facilitates entry into PvP and PvE matches through its fee mechanism. 

When it comes to its tokenomics, the total BCOIN supply is fixed at 100 billion. The distribution strategy for this supply is meticulously planned where the team and advisors hold 25% and 3% respectively, both locked for a year with a gradual release — linearly over one year for the team and advisors alike and Play-to-earn &  stake rewards each account for 20% of the supply. 

All in all, BCOIN’s multifaceted role combined with its structured distribution underscores its significance and sustainability within the Bomb Crypto ecosystem.

How to get started with the bomb crypto game?

To dive into the world of Bomb Crypto, follow these steps:

Initial Setup: Ensure you have at least 10 BCOIN in your MetaMask wallet. This is your ticket to entry.

Access the Game: Navigate to Bomb Crypto’s official website: The game is browser-based, so no additional downloads are necessary. However, to play the game on Android mobile, you have to download Bomb Crypto Game from Play Store.

Login Process: Once on the site, connect and login using your MetaMask wallet.

Get Your Bomber Hero: To kickstart your gaming journey, purchase at least one Bomber Hero. Remember, you need a hero to start playing. For a varied gameplay experience, you can buy more heroes. Head to the shop for a chance at a random hero drop or explore the marketplace if you are aiming for rarer heroes with enhanced stats.

Start Gaming: With your Bomber Hero ready, embark on your adventure in any game mode. Initially, Treasure Hunt was the only mode available when the game made its debut in 2021. However, Bomb Crypto Game has since expanded, offering players a choice of three different game modes to explore and enjoy.

With these steps, you are all set to delve into the exciting world of Bomb Crypto. Happy gaming!

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