best stocks
3 Stocks To Buy and Hold For The Next 5 Years
In the vast world of investment, buying and holding stocks for an extended period, particularly over...
Emerging industries
Top 7 Emerging Industries to Invest in For the Next 10 Years
Individuals who made strategic investments in some industries a decade ago are now reaping substantial...
How to read financial statement
Investing Basics: How To Read Financial Statement of Companies Before Investing
Financial statements are vital financial documents that stipulate a company’s business dealings...
Stock market
Key Factors That Affect The Stock Market Performance
Source: Shutterstock The stock market is a tumultuous arena where investors are constantly engaged...
ESG investing
What is ESG Investing And Why is it Important?
Source: Shutterstock In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the adoption of ESG investing,...
Active vs Passive Investing: Weighing the Risks and Rewards
Source: Shutterstock While the passive vs active investing debate is a heated one, the passive approach...
Best Dividend Stocks: Top 8 Dividend Stocks to Buy Now
Dividend stocks are one of the best investment products that confer the investors a degree of stability...
A red arrow going up between dollar coins
Dollar Sees Limited Action As Investors Predict Super Sized Interest Rate Hike
The dollar edged slightly higher on Friday morning as investors bet on a huge interest rate hike in the...


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