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Solana Surges to 25-Month High, All-Time High in Sight?


Key Insights:

  • Solana’s recent rally sees a 25-month high, prompting differing opinions among analysts on its potential for further gains.
  • Crypto trader Jelle remains bullish on Solana, while Rekt Capital highlights its robust uptrend post-Ascending Triangle breakout.
  • Solana’s recent price surge correlates with the success of the Dogewhatif campaign, underlining the impact of memecoin mania on network activity.

Solana has recently reached a significant milestone in its price trajectory, surging to a new 25-month high of $175, showcasing its resilience amidst ongoing market volatility. The cryptocurrency’s remarkable ascent has captured the attention of investors and traders, signaling a renewed interest in the digital asset.

Solana’s recent surge in price is underscored by robust trading volumes, reflective of heightened investor interest and confidence in the digital asset. With SOL trading at $166 at press time, representing a notable 4% increase within 24 hours, the cryptocurrency continues to attract attention within the crypto community.

SOL/USD price chart: CoinMarket Cap

Solana has gained 13% and 44% on the weekly and monthly charts, respectively. The market capitalization is currently at $73 billion, displaying an increase of 4%, while the trading volume has seen a significant increase of 35% as it stands at $7 billion.

Why is Solana on Rise?

Solana’s value soars as the cryptocurrency ecosystem witnesses a surge in activity driven by the frenzy surrounding memecoin projects. The recent spike in Solana’s price aligns with the fervor surrounding Dogewhatif (WIF), a memecoin project associated with the Solana network. 

The successful crowdfunding campaign for Dogewhatif, which surpassed its initial target by a staggering margin, saw its price surge by 25%, reaching a market capitalization of $3 billion. Notably, Solana’s price rally commenced shortly after the announcement of the Dogewhatif campaign on March 10. SOL experienced a remarkable 24% increase after that, particularly gaining momentum after the successful WIF crowdfund.

Investor enthusiasm for memecoin projects hosted on the Solana blockchain has been evident, with recent data indicating a substantial increase in network activity. A report by Franklin Templeton highlights Solana’s ability to capture a significant portion of network activity during the surge in prices of its native memecoin, BONK, in Q4 of 2023. 

The growing engagement with memecoin initiatives underscores speculation regarding heightened demand for SOL as decentralized applications (DApps) and transaction volumes on the Solana platform surge. 

SOL’s TVL chart: DefiLlama

As of March 14, Solana’s network activity has seen a notable uptick, with the total value locked (TVL) across the network reaching 22.48 million SOL, marking the highest figure since December 2022. This surge in network engagement and the accompanying price rally underscore the increasing significance of memecoin projects in driving investor interest and activity within the Solana ecosystem.

Analysts’ Perspectives on Solana Market

Amidst the bullish momentum, cryptocurrency analysts offer diverging perspectives on Solana’s future trajectory. Crypto Jelle, a notable figure in the crypto sphere, expresses optimism regarding SOL’s upward potential, highlighting its ability to surpass key resistance levels. Jelle’s steadfast belief in Solana is reflected in his decision to hold onto his SOL holdings, emphasizing the coin’s potential for further appreciation.

Contrastingly, Rekt Capital presents a more cautious view, acknowledging Solana’s impressive uptrend while cautioning about potential resistance ahead. Despite the bullish breakout from the Ascending Triangle pattern, Rekt Capital emphasizes the importance of considering resistance zones, indicating a nuanced outlook on SOL’s price movement.

As Solana’s price continues to climb, analysts remain divided on its sustainability amidst broader market uncertainties. While some foresee continued upward momentum driven by positive sentiment and strong technical indicators, others urge caution, citing potential resistance levels and the inherent volatility of the crypto market.

Solana Technical Outlook

Should SOL maintain its position above $150, a potential surge toward $180 is imminent, driven by bullish momentum. Currently, the market sentiment favors buyers, with the 20-day EMA standing at $137 and the RSI signaling overbought conditions. Nonetheless, short-term projections anticipate a push towards $200.

SOL/USD chart: TradingView

The MACD indicator presents a strong bullish momentum as the MACD line stays above the signal line, and the histogram lies in the positive territory as green bars form. Critical support lies at the breakout point of $150, with further support at the 50-day SMA around $115. A breach of these levels would indicate a shift in control of the bears.


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