Rapper Snoop Dogg to release some of his unreleased music as NFT on the Cardano blockchain

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Probably the first time in the entertainment world, the American rapper, Snoop Dogg, has partnered up with Clay Nation to release some songs of his unreleased music and limited edition as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.

Along with Charles Hoskinson, the duo is set to release iconic collectables, unreleased music and limited-edition pitches through Clay Nation, a Cardano-based platform. In a promotional video in the upcoming Twitter spaces, the clay versions of Snoop Dogg and the crypto investor Champ Medici are seen blowing a joint together. 

The script reads, “Hey Champ, I’ve been checking out that Cardano and this Web3 stuff is exciting to me,” the rapper says. Then, Snoop’s music starts playing, and Charles Hoskinson appears on the TV set. “Let’s hook it up,” Champ says as Snoop picks up the phone.

Dogg and Hoskinson have consented to the project; the ‘Original Handmade Clay NFTs’ will premiere on April 5th. Over the last few years, this initiative has been gaining much traction. However, this partnership is not the first attempt. Snoop created his version called Snoopverse on SandBox as his initial steps into crypto and metaverse. Of course, he is a big fan of music NFTs and has disclosed that he wants to make Death Row Records, which he recently acquired as his first NFT recording label in the metaverse. 

The Cardano ecosystem has been growing

Post its lethargic hustle into smart contracts, the Cardano network has exploded in popularity in recent months. Cardano’s TVL has increased by over 25,000% from January to over $300 million. The network has also declared that it has reached 4 million assets on Cardano, although Charles Hoskinson isn’t entirely happy with this statistic. 

He contemplated, “Remember how I said Cardano would have thousands of assets and DApps? Well, I was mistaken; millions of native assets have been granted, and DApps number in the hundreds.”

Cardano’s ecosystem, as per Hoskinson, would reach a surmounting height following the Vasil process. Many Cardano DApps are calmly waiting for the Vasil hard fork to be launched in June and profit from the pipeline. He further added that this would cast a significant impact on TVL. 

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