RAIRtech releases NFTs to Raise $1.3 Million for Ukraine’s Situation

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Key Points

  • The limited-edition 1991 NFT collection commemorates the year in which Ukrainians overwhelmingly voted in favor of independence.
  • Each piece in the collection costs $600 and is housed on the Ethereum mainnet.

In response to Russia’s relocation of forces in Ukraine, NFT platform RAIRtech has released a special edition of NFTs called “UkraineGlitch” to aid Ukraine. The NFT is attempting to gather $1.3 million in order to assist Ukrainians in need of medical supplies.

The RAIRtech NFT collection will benefit Ukraine in the following ways:

  • The funds from the generated drop will be split between the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council (UACC) and the Web3 Developer fund, which will support Ukrainian web3 developers in Ukraine, according to RAIRtech.
  • The project includes a glitched image of the Ukrainian flag with yellow and blue pixelated ‘bullet holes’ sprinkled throughout the background to show the flag under strain.
  • The limited-edition 1991 NFT collection depicts the year in which Ukrainians overwhelmingly voted in favor of independence. Each piece in the collection costs 0.1991 ETH ($600) and is housed on the Ethereum mainnet.

“Generating these pieces was incredibly cathartic- and at times had me on the floor crying,” Masha Mitkov, Fullstack Project Manager at RAIRtech, remarked. What appeared to be impersonal visuals made up of squares and randomness turned out to be a blueprint for the energetic shift from negative to positive. Algorithm tinkering achieved the correct balance of chaos and distressing symbolism.”

“In the early 1990s, my whole family immigrated from Ukraine to the United States as refugees. My father began a direct supply chain distribution of high-quality medical equipment to the Ukrainian militia when war broke out over Crimea in 2014. People have been reaching out to find ways that would reclaim these things after his death in November 2020 and the start of a new War in 2022. The Ukrainian Coordinating Council and others have taken over what my father established. I recognized I was in a unique position to bring people who needed aid together with those who wanted to help.”

The number of pixels changed from yellow to blue grows with each UkraineGlitch purchased, finally inverting or turning the flag upside down. Some of the pieces are animated to depict different stages of the progression, while others are static. On the launch page, only UkraineGlitch NFT holders can see the entire animation of the flag transformation.

“RAIRtech has always valued the opportunity to collaborate with talented Ukrainian web3 developers. To establish our front and back ends, we collaborated with a number of different companies and developers, “RAIRtech’s CEO, Ed Prado, stated. “Since the war broke out, we’ve realized that sending crypto is the greatest method to aid our Ukrainian friends.” This is where UkraineGlitch comes in, as we wish to broaden and open up this support endeavor,” he added.

The Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, in particular, specializes in medical goods and significantly technologically improved blood-clotting gauze bandages. The UACC connects hospitals with supplies and transports them straight to them. The Web3 Developer Fund provides small payments to Ukrainian developers on an as-needed basis to assist them with relocating and purchasing food and supplies.

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