Meta Regulations to Be Stricter in Ukraine Amid Calls for the Death of a Head of State, Investors Wait for the Central Bank’s Forecasts

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Earlier on Friday, Meta made changes in their policies to let Ukrainians speak and revolt against the war, which was limited to Ukraine only. In an internal company post that Reuters saw, Meta is narrowing its guidelines and content moderation policy in Ukraine to cease calls for the death of a head of state. This move came into force due to the increase in posts demanding the end of either Russian President Vladimir Putin or President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus.

Russia opened a criminal case against Meta on the same day. Global affairs President of Meta, Nick Clegg, clarified that they do not encourage and are firmly against any genocide, ethnic cleansing or violence towards Russians in general. Also, they do not permit calls for the death of the head of state. Meta and our community stand against Russophobia. Any discrimination and racism are not allowed on Meta. The Russian court has declared Meta as an Extremist organization on Friday.

Meta’s shares are continuously decreasing, and its employees are experiencing cuts in their perks. On Friday, Facebook declared that the company would not pay for their laundry, and the employees would now do it on their own.

From today onwards, the communications regulator of Russia has imposed restrictions on Meta’s Instagram. Meta constrained access to RT and Sputnik, two Russian state media outlets. This restriction was across the European Union on its platforms.

The war continues, and the Fed is expected to raise its target fed funds rate. The geopolitical tensions have escalated and the situation of uncertainty has arisen.

Investors are waiting for further forecasts and rates from the central bank. The chief markets and money strategist at Ally, Lindsey Bell, said that the Fed is expected to be cautious regarding interest rate policy. The Fed will depend on data to make rate decisions throughout the year. The job has become more complex due to the conflict.

Nitish Vaibhav
Nitish Vaibhav
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