What Is Sandbox? Everything You Need To Know About The Sandbox Metaverse

Sandbox metaverse

Setting the stage for a new digital age, many unique technologies like blockchain, metaverse, and NFTs are ascending in popularity worldwide. Specifically, blockchain-based games or metaverses have become one of the most prominent Web 3.0 trends as millions of enthusiasts flock toward them. 

Sandbox is a well-known name in the virtual reality world, where users encounter an immersive gaming sphere. In this article, we will explore all aspects of the Sandbox metaverse, understanding what is Sandbox and how this decentralized space works. 

What is Sandbox? 

The Sandbox metaverse is a decentralized virtual universe that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Within the voxel-based Sandbox world, users can enact unique personalized experiences and build their own creations on digital land parcels. Simply put, players can develop, trade & purchase digital assets as well as monetize their productions using the platform’s native token, SAND. 

Sandbox was initially released as a mobile game in 2012 by PIXOWL, Inc. Its blockchain-based developments only started after Animoca Brands, a leading blockchain and software company, acquired it in 2018. 

While the Sandbox metaverse was initially based on Ethereum, it has recently been deployed on the Polygon network. Earlier in July, Sandbox announced the migration of its smart contract on Polygon Layer 2, which bridged its SAND and LAND tokens making the ecosystem cheaper & more energy-efficient. 

Last month, the company also launched the latest Alpha season 3, a play-to-earn event, similar to the previous two alpha seasons. This season incorporates more than 90 diverse experiences, 100+ hours of gameplay, and 200 NFTs from renowned IPs. 

LAND – The core of Sandbox world

Sandbox offers the players countless opportunities within its realm, allowing them to create or do anything imaginable. However, to take full advantage of the Sandbox metaverse and its play-to-earn mechanics, members have to own LAND. LAND plots, which are digital land NFTs, are the central component of the Sandbox metaverse. There are 166,464 total LANDs in Sandbox with a dimension of 96 x 96 meters, where participants can constitute creative experiences and build anything, ranging from museums & art galleries to games & markets. 

Besides regular LAND there also exists a more advanced LAND category known as ‘Premium LAND’. These plots receive much higher traffic and attention due to their close vicinity to major social clubs and malls. Consequently, Premiums are significantly expensive and deploy higher rent rates. 

Moreover, The Sandbox metaverse includes another real estate option, called ESTATE. ESTATEs are formed by the amalgamation of several LAND parcels. 

Gameplay mechanics of the Sandbox metaverse 

As many new entrants wonder what exactly they can do within the massive Sandbox metaverse, let us look at the available possibilities within it. 

First of all, they can experience a large variety of sophisticated games installed by the developers, ranging from battling and role-playing to sports and action-adventure games. Secondly, they can explore the Sandbox metaverse, roam around, and visit malls, clubs & thousands of social places. 

On the flip side, users can also develop their own games or other virtual reality experiences on their LAND parcels. Moreover, they can buy or sell NFTs via the integrated marketplace and interact with other Sandbox adventurers through p2p channels. All the players within Sandbox acquire unique “Avatars” before starting that function as their hallmark in the virtual sphere.  

Note that Sandbox also provides the participants with several earning opportunities, which we will discuss later.

Creating and selling in the Sandbox metaverse 

In the Sandbox metaverse, users can create, mint, and animate 3D ASSETS (NFTs or exclusive digital assets) via the VoxEdit software. With this 3D-template application, members can draft a broad spectrum of ASSETs, such as humans, pets, decorations, wearables, and equipment. Using this software does not require any coding skills or advanced knowledge, allowing the players to easily originate & animate spectacular items. Afterward, created ASSETs can be listed on the Sandbox marketplace to attain monetary gains. 

The Sandbox metaverse also enlists another software called Game Maker, where users can create their own 3D games. Like VoxEdit, Game Maker does not require coding; hence, members can generate diverse gaming experiences by exploiting Game Maker integrated tools. Once the game has been developed, users must have access to some LAND for it to become live in the Sandbox ecosystem. 

Finally, the Sandbox marketplace is the trading center of this metaverse where developers can list their ASSETs and LAND for sale. Conversely, users can also buy ASSETs from the market forum to enhance their creations.

Sandbox metaverse tokens – How to earn and use Sandbox crypto coins? 

SAND, an ERC-20 token, is the one and only Sandbox crypto in this metaverse powered on both Ethereum and Polygon chains. SAND has a maximum supply of 3 billion, where half of the coins are already in circulation. 

The Sandbox crypto is available on several centralized and decentralized exchanges like Binance. It is used in all the transactions within the Sandbox metaverse, including buying and selling of ASSETs and purchasing of LAND. It can also be used for earning staking rewards on the Polygon network and gaining governance rights. Moreover, note that all rewards within this metaverse are disbursed in the form of SAND coins.

Besides SAND, here is a list of some other unique Sandbox tokens:

  • LAND: Each LAND is a unique ERC-721 token representing the land parcels within the Sandbox sphere. 
  • ASSETS: Based on the ERC-115 smart contract standard, ASSETs are voxel-based virtual items or NFTs that animate the Sandbox metaverse. 
  • GEM: It is an ERC-20 utility token burnt to augment the attribute of ASSETs in the Game Maker. 
  • CATALYST: CATALYST is also an ERC-20 token used to boost the rarity of NFTs, hence pushing their value up. 

How to earn with Sandbox? 

The Sandbox’s major plus point is that players can actually earn rewards in the form of Sandbox crypto by investing their time here. Let us look at some of the primary monetizing channels and earning methods within the Sandbox universe:

  • By creating ASSETs via VoxEdit and listing them on the marketplace.
  • By charging fees on the gaming experiences built on LAND.
  • By renting out LAND.
  • By completing the quests listed on the occasional SAND giveaways arranged by developers.

Bottom line

The Sandbox is an interactive and immersive space where several technologies converge to deliver the most enjoyable & productive experiences. You can easily get started with Sandbox by creating an account at the official website and linking your crypto wallet. Experience the Sandbox metaverse for yourself & explore the unique components of this virtual world to decide whether it is worth your time or not!

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