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Binance Launches Copy Trading Feature for Futures in Selected Markets


Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced a new copy trading feature for its futures products in specific markets. This innovative addition is designed to simplify the trading experience by enabling users to mimic the strategies and portfolios of seasoned traders.

Registered users on Binance have the unique opportunity to act as both copy and lead traders. When a copy trader decides to emulate the trades of a lead trader, the latter receives a 10% share of the profits generated.

Copy traders can follow up to 10 lead traders simultaneously and have the freedom to set their own risk preferences, including take profit/stop loss, leverage levels, and margin configurations, as outlined by the exchange. Binance considers this feature as a way to enhance engagement within its trading community. A spokesperson from the exchange stated, “We believe copy trading lowers the barriers to entry into crypto and can help improve social engagement within the community.”

While the exchange has not specified which markets will incorporate copy trading, Binance emphasizes its commitment to regulatory compliance. The spokesperson highlighted the ever-evolving nature of regulations and stated that Binance constantly reviews its product offerings to ensure they align with both user and regulatory expectations. Binance’s dedication to regulatory adherence comes as the exchange has faced regulatory challenges in multiple jurisdictions.

Binance’s regulatory challenges

Binance, despite being the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has encountered regulatory issues in various countries. Some regulatory bodies have expressed concerns, suggesting that Binance may not have implemented sufficient measures to prevent unlawful financial activities on its platform.

The exchange has repeatedly stated its commitment to meeting all relevant legal and regulatory standards in response to these concerns. The U.S. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has previously filed a legal complaint against Binance, alleging that it provided unregistered securities to U.S. clients through its BNB token and the associated BUSD stablecoin.

Global Impact on Binance Services

Binance’s regulatory challenges have extended to various countries, including Canada and the Netherlands, leading the exchange to either limit or entirely withdraw its services in these regions. As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, Binance remains focused on ensuring its products comply with the diverse and evolving regulatory requirements across the globe.


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