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3 Best Mutual Funds To Invest in 2023

mutual funds to invest

In thе intricate and еvеr-changing realm of financial markets, mutual funds have demonstrated thеmsеlvеs as a steadfast and еfficiеnt means for investors to diversify their portfolios.

Thеsе investment instruments comprising numerous securities provide a convenient avenue to attain broad markеt exposure. The allure of mutual funds resides in the reality that with a modest initial investment, one can participate in a fund housing a multitude of securities, еffеctivеly spreading out risk. Moreover, this investment approach frееs investors from thе nееd to constantly monitor individual stock performance and make required adjustments. 

In this article, we will cover the best 3 mutual funds to invest in 2023. These funds not only exhibit a promising potential for substantial growth but also hold a credible history of financial performance.

How to select the best mutual fund for you? 

Selecting the perfect mutual fund to invest in involves careful consideration of individual circumstances, such as your risk tolerance and investment horizon. Equally crucial is your existing portfolio structure, which plays a pivotal role in this decision-making process. To guide you through this labyrinth, here are some essential queries to contemplate:

  • Does the fund demonstrate sustained performance over extended periods? Focusing solely on short-term returns, spanning just a year, might not be the most prudent approach. Instead, seeking funds with a history of consistent returns over more prolonged intervals is advisable. Analyzing the fund’s performance over three, five, and ten-year stretches can provide a broader outlook on its long-term potential.
  • Has the fund recently displayed a positive upturn? Beware of funds that have experienced a sudden surge in performance over the past year or two. Such improvements could be temporary, leading back to their previous track record over time. Falling into this trap, where investors are enticed by recent success, may result in purchasing at a premium and potentially selling at a discount.
  • What are the associated fees linked to the fund? Is there any commission (sales load) charged to an investor when purchasing or redeeming the fund? While evading sales loads is usually feasible, nearly all mutual funds impose an expense ratio. This fee aims to offset the ongoing operational expenses related to managing the fund and to generate a profit margin for the fund managers. Understanding these costs is vital, as they can significantly impact your returns over time.

Top 3 mutual funds to invest in 2023 and beyond

1. Schwab US Large-Cap Growth Index Fund (SWLGX)

Net expense ratio: 0.035%

Renowned for its uncomplicated design, reasonable cost, and robust growth prospects, the Schwab US Large-Cap Growth Index Fund (SWLGX) has distinguished itself as one of the best mutual funds to invest in 2023. The Index is classified under the Morningstar Category as Large Growth and employs a passive management style.

Being growth-oriented, SWLGX diligently mirrors the Russell 1000 Growth Index’s performance. The lion’s share of the fund’s allocations is dedicated to large-cap and growth stocks, further complemented by a mix of mid-cap and core stocks. 

Investors with a bullish outlook on the most rapidly expanding large corporations in the US can consider assigning their capital to this mutual fund. Whether employed as an independent choice or integrated within a diverse portfolio, SWLGX provides an enticing investment pathway for those eager to capitalize on the potential of leading US companies.

What makes this fund truly unique is its accessibility—it asks for no initial investment minimum, making it attractive to both beginner and expert investors. Despite a downturn in 2022, SWLGX displayed remarkable tenacity, rebounding strongly and currently exhibiting a significant upswing in 2023, with a noteworthy surge of nearly 30%. 

A significant catalyst for the fund’s prosperity lies in its extraordinarily nominal management fee, allowing investors to leverage market possibilities without unwarranted expenditure.

As of July 2023, the fund was valued at $1.313 billion, with 15,604,774 shares outstanding. The Index has a total of 449 holdings, which represents a diverse range of large-cap growth stocks. 

2. USAA Nasdaq-100 Index Fund (USNQX)

Net expense ratio: 0.44%

The USAA Nasdaq 100 Index Fund is also one of the top mutual funds to invest in 2023, where nearly half of the fund’s resources are invested in tech equities. Besides technology, the fund primarily distributes its assets across telecommunications and consumer cyclical, while healthcare, consumer defensives, and industrials also represent a considerable portion of the portfolio.

The fund designates nearly four-fifths of its portfolio to the components of the Nasdaq-100 Index. Consequently, USNQX’s yields are intrinsically tethered to Nasdaq’s performance, suggesting that its gains or obstacles will meticulously echo those of the underlying Index.

By the end of June 2023, the fund supervised almost $4.97 billion in resources distributed across a mix of 104 enterprises. A staggering 96% or more of the fund’s total investment is devoted to “stocks,” signifying an aggressive investing strategy. 

The top three inhabitants within the fund are 3 global tech powerhouses: Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. These renowned firms, celebrated for their progressive methods, play a crucial function in shaping the fund’s comprehensive yield.

Having ascended over 40% YTD, the USAA Nasdaq 100 Index Fund offers a promising channel for those yearning for exposure to the world of technology and innovation. However, prospective investors ought to tread with discretion, as this venture comes bundled with its unique balance of risks and payoffs. 

3. Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX)

Net expense ratio: 0.02%

The FXAIX fund, or Fidelity 500 Index Fund, stands as a giant among US stock funds, given its intense focus on the largest companies in the American economy – those included in the S&P 500 Index. An impressive 80% of the fund’s total assets are invested in these prominent companies, allowing the fund to accurately reflect the broader performance of the US market. 

This approach encompasses a wide variety of sectors and industries, ensuring the fund’s diversification and enhancing its overall stability. Experts in finance widely regard the S&P 500 as a prudent option for retirement thanks to its wide-ranging diversification and an enviable track record of weathering market storms. Unlike certain sector-specific funds that can be overexposed to risks, the balanced spread of the S&P 500 works as a shield against extreme risks and volatility. 

As of the latest figures from June 27, 2023, the FXAIX fund commands an astounding $392.03 billion in assets under management, stretched across a diverse portfolio of 507 holdings. Sporting a solid year-to-date sprint of nearly 20%, this fund stands as one of the best mutual funds to invest in for those investors looking to tap into positive market opportunities.

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