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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

US treasury auctions are 41 billion of 10 year notes at a high yield of 1.684%

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WI level 1.697%

  • High yield 1.684% versus 1.697% WI. Tail -1.3 basis points
  • Bid to cover 2.45X vs six month average of 2.37X
  • Dealers 19.49% versus six month average at 24.2%
  • Directs 17.1% versus 16.4% six month average
  • Indirects 63.4% versus 59.4% six month average

Overall a very good auction. 

  • The yield was less than the WI level by -1.3 basis points.  
  • The bid the cover was higher than the six month average at 2.45X vs 2.37X.  
  • Foreign demand was higher than the six month average at 63.4% versus 59.4%. 
  • Dealers were saddled with less than the six month average. That is the lowest since the spring of 2017.

Grade: A. There was nothing wrong with the auction even though there is more anxiety from the CPI data today.  

The results have led to a move higher in stocks. 

  • S&P at the time of auction was at 4087.26. It is currently at 4093.70 down 58 points or -1.4%
  • Nasdaq at the time of auction was at 13108.43. The current price is at 13145
  • Dow was at 33822.44. It is currently trading at 33872.32 down -397 points or -1.17%

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