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Moody’s say Asia-Pacific economies rebounding but deep economic scars holding some back

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Moody’s is upbeat on APAC economies but note that Asia-Pacific’s strong rebound masks deep economic scars

  • says Asia-Pacific’s economic activity likely
    will rebound strongly in 2021 and 2022 as compared with recent
  • APAC’s overall output will likely
    fall short of pre-pandemic forecasts by 2023 because of deep economic
    scars from the pandemic
  • APAC likely to grow faster in 2021-22
    than Middle East & N. Africa and LatAm, but performance to
    increasingly diverge within region
  • sees about 30% of APAC economies will
    experience output decline of 2%-8% below pre-pandemic forecast GDP
    levels by 2023
  • says more than 40% of APAC economies will have
    output losses exceeding 8% of pre-pandemic GDP forecast levels by

Moody’s report headlines via Reuters¬†

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