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ForexLive’s 13th anniversary: Trade ideas edition

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What a journey

forexlive anniversary
On this day in 2008, ForexLive was launched. Above is an old post from our friend Sean Lee.

The financial crisis was raging and the world was being reshaped. I can’t even begin recount all the things that have changed in the world since then.

It has been a fun ride though and for a guy who enjoys reading the news every day and is just trying to understand the world, there’s no place I’d rather be.

At the moment, we’re at one of the great fundamental inflection points in generations. It’s a great experiment in fiscal and monetary stimulus up against a long-term disinflationary trend. If it’s inflationary, we’re headed for a collision with higher rates and a pop in the great bond bubble. If it doesn’t end up causing inflation, what’s to stop from even more fiscal and monetary stimulus?

Eventually the paradigm will break, and I hope to be here to witness it.

What are your trades for now and for later?

Invest in yourself. See our forex education hub.

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