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Awaiting the US inflation data due Wednesday

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Forex news for Asia trading on
August 2021 

trade in Asia saw a stronger US dollar but minor moves for currencies
only. USD/JPY was a bit of a stand out amongst a lacklustre bunch,
trading up towards 110.70 and
its highest for a month. Its subsequently blipped back towards
110.60. USD/CHF tested to above 0.9230 and its US Tuesday high but
has also come back, circa 0.9220. A small range also for EUR/USD,
which is net a little higher on the session. GBP,
AUD and NZD are all not a lot net changed. Ditto for USD/CAD.

equities, too, have not done a lot. APAC has largely sat on its hands
awaiting data from the US later Wednesday; July CPI will be the latest
clue for the Federal Reserve as it ponders taper.

is down a little, demand worries once again a niggle on traders’
minds with New Zealand imposing restrictions on travel from Indonesia
and Fiji. Gold had inched a little higher, back above $1730. 

Forex news for Asia trading onWednesday11August 2021 

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