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Australian treasurer says there should be “no expectation” of support payments when vaccination rate hits 70%

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Australian treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, remarks

That’s a striking remark on how the future looks like for the Australian economy, as Frydenberg says that there should be “no expectation” by states/territories should for emergency COVID-19 support payments for employees affected by lockdowns once the country gets to 70% vaccination rate.

Given how Australia has been very strict with lockdown measures, even a 70% vaccination rate may not necessarily rule out a spread of infections – however minimal it may be.

That said, we’re still a long ways off from realising this figure so this is all conjecture for now. Australia currently has roughly 22% of its population fully vaccinated.

And while things are progressing at a quicker pace now, that’s not really the big challenge. When you look at other countries with solid vaccine progress in the past few months, even getting to the 70% mark may actually be a challenge on its own.

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