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Australia coronavirus – Victoria state makes vaccine available to all adults

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Around half of Australia’s population are currently in lockdown in response to the latest COVID-19 wave. 

Yes, its August 2021 and you are reading that correctly, this is not a stray post from 2020 that has managed to resurface. 

Latest weekend numbers are here: 

If you are not in Australia or New Zealand you might wonder why the lockdowns given what are, from a global perspective, very low numbers of infections. As I’ve said multiple times on posts, authorities in Australia (and New Zealand) are very impatient with, and intolerant of, even low numbers. Authorities here (and NZ) do not want exponential growth (which is how this virus spread works).

Anyway, after that preamble, on with some encouraging news … the state of Victoria, Australia’s second-largest population state and home to its second-largest city, Melbourne, has made vaccination available now to anyone over 18 years. It sort of was, but hoops had to be jumped through and a medical appointment made and what have you – now vaccination is available to 18+ at some of the mass vaccination centres. 

Meanwhile in neighbouring state of New South Wales (Australia’s largest population state and its largest city of Sydney) Sydney suburbs that do not have COVID-19 cases circulating in the community will be the first to be freed from some lockdown restrictions in September if the state hits its target of providing six million doses of vaccine. 

Back on Friday RBA Governor Lowe spoke before a parliamentary committee. Lowe is consistently a glass half full sort of chap, maybe this time he’ll be right.

Around half of Australia's population are currently in lockdown in response to the latest COVID-19 wave. 

Lowe and RBA on Friday:

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