SEC Grants Linus Financial Favorable Reprieve from Civil Penalties for Unregistered Crypto Lending Product


In a significant development, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has opted not to impose civil penalties on Linus Financial for its unregistered cryptocurrency lending product. This decision is attributed to Linus Financial’s prompt cooperation and remedial actions taken in response to regulatory concerns.

As per the SEC filing, Linus Financial failed to submit a registration statement to the Commission for its Linus Interest Accounts, and these accounts did not qualify for an exemption from the registration requirement.

Linus Financial SEC Action Serves as a Wake-Up Call for the Industry

In an official statement released on September 7, the SEC announced its decision not to pursue charges against Linus Financial. However, it underscored its intention to send a clear message to companies that offer cryptocurrency lending products without the necessary licenses.

The statement emphasized, “Today’s settlement conveys an important lesson to other participants in the market regarding the significance of cooperation and remedial measures.”

The statement further clarified that Linus Financial ceased offering its cryptocurrency lending product following regulatory action taken against a similar offering by another company.

Before suspending its crypto lending accounts, Linus Financial had been allowing U.S. investors to deposit funds in exchange for promised returns. The company then utilized these deposits to acquire cryptocurrency assets, generating profits for both itself and its investors.

Linus Financial converted investors’ funds into cryptocurrency assets, pooled these assets, and exercised control over how the pooled assets were used to generate income for both Linus Financial and the interest payments to investors,” the statement outlined.

Upon identifying these issues, Linus Financial reportedly ceased accepting new investors into its crypto lending program and initiated a process for existing investors to withdraw their funds within 30 days. The statement noted that all investor funds have since been successfully withdrawn.

Following the resolution announcement, Stacy Bogert, Associate Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, issued a stern warning. She affirmed the SEC’s commitment to holding companies accountable for operating crypto products without the required licenses, stating, “The SEC will continue to enforce federal securities laws against companies that fail to comply.”

In conclusion, the SEC’s decision not to levy civil penalties against Linus Financial for its unregistered cryptocurrency lending product underscores the significance of cooperation and prompt remedial actions in regulatory matters. While Linus Financial avoided punitive measures, the SEC’s message is clear: companies offering crypto lending products without proper licensing will be closely monitored and held accountable for non-compliance with federal securities laws. This case serves as a cautionary tale for the industry, emphasizing the importance of adhering to regulatory guidelines in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain finance.


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